You can be a part of serving in Lawton by contributing to the mission to spread the good news of Jesus throughout this region. 

Physical Support--You give when you spend time serving with the Family of Credence and with the families who are in leadership. 

Prayer Support--You give when you pray for the good new of Jesus to go forward in this region. You give when you pray for the unity and effectiveness of Credence to bring restoration in neighborhoods, families, work places, and homes. You give you when you pray for us to live lives changed by the Spirit, and when you pray that we respond faithfully as we are led by the Spirit.

Financial Support--You give when you share the monetary blessings the Lord has given to you. We ask that you give boldly and sacrificially. As Jesus willingly offered to sacrifice--including his life, we are seeking those who would give sacrificially to continue what he came here to do. 


You can make a one-time gift, or set up recurring gifts. Press below to begin. 

by mail

All donations go to Credence Church. Mail to:

Credence Church
900 NW Cache Road, St 141
Lawton, OK 73507

*All donors will receive an annual giving statement for tax purposes and personal records.
*Donations to Credence Church are tax deductible